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     We are not about reinventing what a person or company can do with diamond. There are many companies that can to teach people how to sharpen a tool or a knife, or grind the proper way. We are about getting consumers the best price for diamond  pads made in the USA at a GREAT price. We make them here in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

     Simms Abrasives Inc. is family-owned and operated in Pottstown, PA. Since opening in 1999, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar products, but our products and services come with a personal touch and it is made in POTTSTOWN PA, USA. We care about the price of our products as much as you do. Price is always better without the middle men. Bottom line, we offer high quality, great prices and timely delivery with a smile.

     Glenn Simms is the owner and operator of Simms Abrasives Inc. He has been in the diamond field for over 25 years and has been involved in various aspects of diamond coatings and many different types of plating in general. Being a small company, all the associates that work at Simms Abrasives get much of their training from him. He is knowledgeable about the materials being used in today’s manufacturing processes.

     Simms Abrasives doesn't only make diamond pad products. This company began plating diamond surgical burrs for the medical industry and it does so today in large quantities. We work with many companies in the United States. We have and always will be very concerned with the highest quality possible. We treat our diamond pads as if they were used in the medical field. Care and consistence will always be top notch. Simms Abrasives does not display the products we produce for other companies in order to ensure the privacy of our customers.

  Our goal is to produce high quality, American Made products china like prices. This will move Simms Abrasives to the next level. We are looking to get diamond in every ones hands. 

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