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Proper Use Of Diamond Products
    A diamond plated disc will last and work best using lite pressure, let the diamond do the work. Do not apply heavy pressure. In other words, do not force the disc into the work surface. Keep the disc moving back and forth and or circular motion. When using the disc, use the slightest angel to the work surface. This will give more diamond contact on the work surface. This will help increase the life of the disc. There are many grit sizes to choose from. The smaller the diamond the slower it will cut. Be patient, don't apply more pressure. Even though you can use the disc dry, a spray of water will lubricate and keep the work surface and the diamond disc cool and lubricated which will increase the life of the disc.

  Diamond Discs are meant for polishing and shaping more than heavy bulk removal of material, using them for heavy bulk removal and or trying to make cuts in the material with the edge of the disc will reduce the life tremendously. These discs will polish materials other discs can’t touch.

  With proper use, the diamond disc will outlast and out perform any standard sanding disc on the market and you will have a more consistent surface finish. The life of a disc could be 50 times longer than the standard disc. 

  There are many factors that will affect the performance of the disc such as the material of the work surface, how the disc is used, and the RPM of the power tool the disc is mounted to. Most failures of the disc are due to improper use. Most load-up issues in the diamond area are usually due to soft or gummy materials, there are other issues such as the wrong grit size that will effect performance. 

  This disc is a consumable product. We will not replace or accept returns once the product is used. We will in the event of a manufacturing failure replace the disc free of charge after the failed disc has been sent back for evaluation.

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